College Sweetheart bares her Sexy Legs and Muscular Calves

You're in for a treat.  It's a smorgasbord of Sexy Leggage with Julia.

Her Legs are slim and very firm.  Her Calves are insanely chiseled, especially for someone who isn't a fitness model or bodybuilder.

She's beautiful and cute.  She's very much that college hottie you wish you could get with.  You know the one.  The hottie with the heart of gold who smiles all the time.  The one you wish would dumb her boyfriend so you could have a chance with her.  The one you can't stop thinking about.  An you know deep down that you could get over her if only she didn't have those sublimely Awesome Legs.

You're fine, in control, until she wears that sun-dress or those shorts that show off her legs so well. 

Damn it!!  She's just another beautiful woman until you see her Legs, then you're hooked.  There's no getting her out of you mind, out of your Legophile heart.

So you secretly try to film her without getting caught.  Holding up your cellphone like you're texting somebody but really filming her.  How you wish you could watch her without looking over your shoulder, looking around hoping not to get caught.

Well, never fear, we've taken care of that situation for you right here, right now!

We got her in sneakers, walking from side to side and doing a series of calf raises.

Then, we've got her doing the same in heels.

Finally, we've got her in camouflage leggings.  Showing off her lovely form posing with an old military vehicle.

We've got your hook up.  So, shake off those crazy feelings of nervousness and just kick back at your own leisure and enjoy Julia's Sexy Gams.


Julia - Military Legs, Camouflage Calves Leggings
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Duration 04:37

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Posted on August 10, 2015 .