Our First Cosplay with the Legs Goddess!

She is the Amazonian Princess, the Champion of Themyscira, the Warrior woman with the perfect body that all women want and all men want to be with.  She's an Iconic female character, perhaps the Most Iconic the world over.  She's been in comics since 1941, she has a cult following television series from the 70s.  She is WONDER WOMAN!!!

So, when Iryna, nonchalantly, threw out the idea of doing some cosplay shoots, my mind immediately thought about Elena.  Because, why wouldn't I think of Elena.  She's our top model.  Then I thought about who she would be good for, and if you just read that opening paragraph you know who I thought of....Lets create footage of the BEST legged Wonder Woman EVER!!

And, so we did. :-)

Elena - Sensational Legs of Wonder Woman
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Elena - Wonder Woman Legs Paradise
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Now don't you worry, we know you're here for the Legs and especially those Sexy Calves, so we filmed Elena is both the red Wonder Woman style boots and shot plenty of footage in Elena's NEW red stilettos.

Now as a disclaimer, I said "BEST Legged Wonder Woman EVER!"  I'm not claiming she's the BEST Wonder Woman, we all know it will forever be Lynda Carter.  I'm saying the "BEST Legs you'll EVER see on Wonder Woman" and I'll stand by that statement.

In the best Chris Jericho voice I can deliver... You will Never EEEVVVEEERRR see any Wonder Woman with legs as shapely and fine, with calves as sexy and nice, either in movies, television, or on any cosplayer, than those of Legs Emporium's own Elena!

We hope you enjoy these new photo sets.  And don't worry, videos are coming soon. :-)

BIG SHOUT OUT goes to -->> Paulina of Lena's Fashion <<-- for making the costume.  She was WONDERFUL to work with and will be doing more for us in the future.  Just wait and see. :-)


Posted on July 8, 2015 .