Leg Posing Philosophy of the Modern Pin Up

Leg Art is defined as "Cheesecake"  It's a much older term that some say had it's origins in the 1600s.

It became a modern lexicon in the 30s with George Petty's "Petty Girl", a painted double page pin up, that eventually turned into a tri-fold pin up, in the pages of Esquire magazine, depicting a beautiful woman doing ordinary things that somehow, by accident most times, would show off her legs.

As a side note, it was this magazine with Petty's tri-fold painting that inspired Hugh Heffner's Playboy Playmate Centerfold.

But today's modern pin up is much more risque, much less flirtatious and innocent than the past.  We've sacrificed mystery for bluntness, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad.  I wont waste your time arguing the merits of either, I'm here to tell you how this pertains to our little corner of the web.



As a Legs Fetish site we want to focus of Sexy Shapely Female Legs and Calves.  We want to give all Legophiles a place to satisfy their visual needs and wants.  We're leg lovers just like you.  We like all kinds of legs; long, thin, short, muscular, lythe, there are so many types and we're trying to capture them all for you, and for us. :-)

That brings me to our overall objective to expand the awareness to a larger audience, and to do that we'll use history to our advantage.  Petty created this genre, this niche, this fetish....Cheesecake.  Since then, over the many years, it's strayed a bit, moved in different directions and sadly, for the most part, abandoned it's original intention to highlight the beautiful legs of a woman.  I guess you can say that Petty was the 1st Legophile, at least the first on a large scale.

Now don't worry, we'll never stray from our core, our love, your love of sexy female legs. 

No, no, no!! 

What we're hoping to accomplish is the ability to do this till our dying day.

So as you look around our site you'll find leg and calf focused clips where we film our models from the thigh or waist down.  You'll also find full body clips of our Beautiful Models doing all kinds of posing inspired by ballet, gymnastics, or whatever craziness pops into ours, or our models head, when filming. 

But you BEST believe it'll have that 100% focus on the her legs or her calves at all times.

Hopefully you'll come with us on this journey of awareness and discovery as we navigate through the social media oceans and SEO land masses to find and highlight as many sexy legged women as possible. :-)


And Please forgive me if I come off sounding all authoritative, I don't mean to.  I'm just trying my best to make sense of it all and hopefully clarify any thoughts or questions you might have.

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to comment below and we'll answer them.  We're hoping to learn more than we know already.


Posted on July 29, 2015 .