The Leg-o-pedia, the guide to Sexy Legs and Calves.

So I thought I might give this a try.  I started this on our blog a while ago but never really got that far into it. 

I want to make a guide with a list of terms (nicknames) for certain styles of legs.  I'm going to try my best here and if you want to help out just comment below. 

As I continue to update this, hopefully on a weekly basis, your input will be invaluable to making this a comprehensive guide for any new Legophile that might be just starting to realize they are a Legs Lover.

First things first, the psychological term for our fetish is "Legophilia".

Now, Legophilia is just one of many terms under a larger field known as "Partialsim", a term that denotes someone who gets sexual enjoyment by looking at a body part, like Feet, Bums, Boobs, etc, etc.

If you're here you're probably used to thinking of your self as an "Legs man", "Legs woman", "Legs Person".  I'm here to inform you there's a psychological term and that's "Legophile".  And there's nothing wrong with it.

If I can speak/write frankly, sometimes when you're making love to your Girlfriend, Wife, or one night stand, you find one aspect of them thoroughly exhilarating and that aspect can crank up your libido to enjoy her even more.  That just happens to be a certain body part.  Hey, for me when I'm making love I'm hoping there's a mirror around so I can steal a glance at her legs every once in awhile.  It just is what it is, a trigger for your desire.  So embrace it and enjoy life. :-)

Ah, looks like I went off the rails there.  Sorry about that.  Let me end this before I get too crazy.

So, we've opened up shop on this subject with this blog post.  Next post I'll write about the allure of the female leg from my perspective.

Posted on July 19, 2015 .