Leg-o-pedia, the Allure of the Hourglass shape of a Sexy Leg.

I've always been curious why I love Sexy Female Legs, not because I think there's anything wrong with it, just trying to put a finger on the allure.  What is it about them that drives me and you so damn crazy?

I mean, I can walk around all day, anywhere, and enjoy the sight of a Beautiful woman, her face, her smile, her eyes, her neck, her shoulders, her waist, her hips, the slope of her back as it meets and then continues on over her butt, and be as happy a cat with a ball of yarn....

But what is about those Legs?

Whenever I see a woman in a crowded place, a park, at a concert, in a mall, grocery store, restaurant, where ever, no matter how gorgeous she might be, I stop at nothing to see her legs. 

The thoughts of "Please, Please, Please have a nice pair of legs, Please!" always screams loudly in my brain. 

And when she doesn't have nice legs, what a let down.  The level of nervous anticipation immediately gets replaced with a sense of loss.  Like how sad it is that this Beautiful Creature, so amazing and gorgeous, should be so legs deficient? 

But when she has Great Legs, WOW, the feelings run wild throughout my veins.  It's a party at my house and only she and I are invited. :-)

But again, I must digress.  Sorry about that, I sometimes get carried away.  So back to the point.

What is that makes a sexy female leg so inviting to a Legophile?

Is it the muscle definition?  That could be related to any muscle, arms, shoulders, back, bum, so I don't think it's that so much, or at least not that solely.

Is it the thought of being natural?  With boobs and butts it's not so odd for a woman to have an implant.  Yes, there are calf implants.....I know, that seems crazy, but it's true.  However, for the most part the legs are something people don't mess with in such a way.  So, maybe the naturalness of the body part is the key.

Some woman can work out tirelessly at honing and defining their legs and come away with huge thighs and hamstrings but little itty bitty calves.  Yes, they'll be rock hard and sculpted, but still small and non impressionable.

With that thought, it leads me to what seems to be the most common allure of the female leg for Legophiles, a large calf muscle, and I must agree.  But a large calf muscle, at least for me, isn't the be all end all. 

A woman with a large calf muscle isn't that hard to find.  Maybe a defined large calf muscle is, but not a basic large calf.  I'll get more into that when I write about the "Power Body Legs".  But for now, on with this topic.

So, I think we can safely say that the allure of the female leg has more to do with the size and definition of the calf muscle.  But I think there's something else at play.  Maybe not for all, but most Legophiles, it's the shape.

Now determining the shape of sexy calves may not be so hard to define--they need to be round and thick, the muscle needs to taper down to a little bit above the ankle....

Now Stop! 

Think about that for a moment.  Think about the big picture.  Not just the entire leg, but the entire person.

I don't know if it's something that's inherent in our thought process, or something learned through television and movies, but the perfect shape of a woman is an "Hourglass".  Her shoulders are the wide part at the top, her waist the thin part in the middle and then her hips the wide part at the bottom. 

Now continue looking at her body, allowing your eyes to pan downwards to her legs.  Do you see anything familiar?

Do you see it?  It's an hourglass.  With her legs together, or just looking at them separately, her hips are the wide top, her knees are the thin middle and her calves are the wide bottom.

But lets take it even further.  Her Calves are the wide top, her ankles the thin middle and the heel of her foot the wide bottom.  And that brings me to the allure of high heels.  It too will give you another continuous hourglass shape, especially from behind.

So to summarize my thoughts.  I think the Shapeliness of the leg, coupled with the size and definition of the calf muscle creates the over arching allure of the female leg.

And for those of us that enjoy that aspect of a woman most, us Legophiles, I think that makes us the lucky few who can enjoy all of a woman.  It's not just her upper body, but it's the entire package that allows us to totally submerge ourselves it all that her body has to offer.  We can appreciate each and every inch of her outer being like most people can not.

We are the fortunate!  The Legophile Collective!!!  Stand up and be counted!!!  O'kay, so I took that a little too far.  :-)  Maybe I'm just over-romanticizing it.


Posted on August 5, 2015 .