Leg-o-pedia Entry "S" Leg

I hope you like this.  It's my little attempt at categorizing the Female Leg, hence the name Leg-o-pedia.  Please feel free to comment below or e-mail us your thoughts.  This little project is not something I can do alone.  Enjoy!!

The "S" Leg as I like to call it, maybe it should be called the Super Leg.....anyway.

The "S" Leg is a term I don't use often because I don't tend to see it often.  I use it to describe what I think is the perfect profile shape (From the side) of a female leg.

You have a well developed thigh muscle, beautifully round, and a likewise calf muscle.

Your eye should start at the top of her thigh.  You should follow the contour of the thigh and it should bubble up over the muscle and slope curvaceously down and to the knee.

Here your eye should continue through the knee, out the back, and follow the intense outward ridge of the top of the calf muscle over a bubble like muscular contour that again slopes downwards this time to her ankle.

The actual contour of the muscle of the leg wont make a tight "S", it's more like half an hour glass, which brings us back to a previous post......

The development of legs like this usually come from bodybuilders and hardcore fitness models and runners.  But not always, there's obviously a certain level of pure genetics to be applied here.

THANK YOU!!  And my next entry will be the "Long Calf".

Posted on October 8, 2015 .