Viktoria Rockin' her Gymnast Legs in the LE House!

Viktoria - Splits to Legs Heaven

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Ha!  Get ready to be amazed at the Incredibly Sexy and uber Flexible Viktoria.  She's thin, beautiful and has one of the longest pair of shapely legs with large calves you're going to find. 

She's deceptively curvaceous in the legs area.  Those calves are large and lovely. 

Enjoy these two Photo Sets with her in Heels and with her in Chuck Taylors.  Nice!! 

I could imagine running into her at a rock festival somewhere.  Oh, how sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet that would be. :-)

As a side note....doesn't she look a little like Inara from the Firefly series?

Viktoria - Long, Supple, Shapely Curves

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Posted on March 31, 2015 .