Natalya in natural light

Natalya - On the 8th Day God Made Sexy Legs

Duration 05:28

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Enjoy this little feast for the eyes as we take Natalya on a little journey to our outdoor playground where we stalk her around the area. 

To watch Natalya walk, to see those calf muscles flex and reflex, then relax only to flex again.  To see the shape of legs sculpted by years of dance.  It's incredibly thrilling to say the least.

Then, watch as Natalya hangs out on the side of a warehouse in a pair of shoes.  Her legs are a legophile's dream.  She doesn't disappoint.  Her flirtatious smile and elegant movements will make your jaw drop as excitement builds.  You wont regret this.


Natalya - Angelic Beautiful Legs
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Duration 06:15

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Posted on March 1, 2015 .