Feels like the First Time, a Leg Lover's Awakening

I LOVE all your e-mails, and all the comments on our different social media outlets.  This is one of those GREAT e-mails I received and I wanted to share it with you all.

This e-mail outlined an experience when this particular person discovered they were a Legophile.  I know everybody has one.  I wrote about mine a long time ago on the old blog which you can find here -->>The Men Behind the Madness<<-- if you want to read it.

The person who wrote this gave me permission to re-post it here for you as long as I kept their identity secret.  Please Enjoy!!  And if you want to tell us about your first time, PLEASE send it to our e-mail -->>LegEmporium@gmail.com<<--

"Dear Legs Emporium,

I have been an admirer of trim women with bulging calves since I had a certain encounter when was 15 years old, way before the internet. I was with my family on vacation in Orlando, FL at a large hotel and had gone by myself down to the pool for a swim. It was still spring, not summer yet, and it wasn't crowded. As I entered the pool area, there were only two women in their mid-20's reclining side-by-side on poolside recliners, sunbathing, both quite fit but also pale (no tan yet). 

They were both face-up, supine, and one was rubbing suntan lotion on her calves, one at a time, very slowly and sensually. As she lifted each leg in turn, shin horizontal, I saw something I had never seen or at least never appreciated before: Huge, muscular calf muscles! I started feeling weak, a pit in my stomach and a rush of blood to my head, and I started breathing laboriously, almost gasping for air. I kept glancing over toward this woman from time to time as I tried to relax in the pool;

finally they went back into the hotel together with towels wrapped around their upper bodies only, and I got a long look at how those calves bulged from behind. She was only in flip-flops, though. Had she had high heels I probably would have passed out and drowned."

You'll almost never hear me say this, but we're glad she wasn't wearing heels that time. :-)


Posted on October 3, 2015 .