We Proudly Presents Legs Legend Jill Rudison

One day I was checking e-mails and I received one that said/read...

"I'd love to shoot with you guys. I get stopped on the street about my legs at least once a day and I'm known for my quads and calves.  How come we haven't crossed paths before? :)" 

I couldn't believe my eyes.  We get a few of these a month, but they're never of any real substance.  Most of the time the person doesn't have nice legs.  I sometimes don't understand what they're thinking.  We've even had an adult films star contact us.  This one was different, this one was everything we could have hoped for.

Can you say L-U-C-K-Y!  Because that's what we got with this e-mail.

Jill is a bonafide Legs Legend.  She's responsible for some of the most iconic Legs Photographs in the industry. 

OH HELL YEAH!  We want to work with her.

Thick is sometimes thought of as a bad thing, but not in this context.  Here, having thick legs, as long as they are toned, firm, and tight, is a good thing.  Her Legs have such girth, that to be as shapely as they are is nothing short of Amazing.

I feel she has a pair of the Nicest, most Beautifully Shaped Calves I've seen since Elena's.  A point of attention, when looking at Jill's Calves from the side, is their amazing symmetry; the length and full body roundness.  I lose my friggin' mind every time I see them.

Enough banter from me.  We hope you Enjoy the Debut clips of this Awesome Legs Legend.


Posted on October 12, 2015 .