The Artistry of Sexy Legs Art

We're launching a new page here on our little Legs site that could.  It's a page about Art and those artists that produce lovely pieces of work focusing on the female body and form that DO NOT forget about a woman's Beautiful Legs.

This idea sprung to life from a combination of things.  The first was our very successful first ever Art Contest.  The second was an e-mail from one of our AWESOME customers.

We hope that this will help those just discovering their inner Legophile, and those who can't quite grasp the concept of our Love for Beautiful, Shapely, Female Legs with Well Developed Calves, bridge the gap between their lack of understanding and our heighten awareness of such lovely things.

This is ART!  This is POETRY!  A woman's body is not just a face, boobs and butt, rather a woman without Great Legs is not complete.  Sure she can be Sexy, Beautiful, Gorgeous, but if her Legs lack shape and tonality, then that woman is incomplete.

This page will spotlight those Amazing Artists who "Get It" and show the rest of the world that this is as much art as any other body part style photography.

First up, we're featuring the talents of painting duo Boris Vallejo, and Julie Bell, who by the way was once a competitive body builder and posed for Boris' paintings. :-)

In the future we hope to feature the pioneer of the "Cheesecake" art form, George Petty, and the man who would re-ignite the love and passion for Betty Page, Dave Stevens.  Also, widely known as the creator of the Rocketeer.  And sooooooooooooooooooo many others.  Hehe, and YES, the King, Frank Frazetta will be featured.

Posted on October 18, 2015 .