Sexy Legs in Mirrors

YES! Mirror leg lovin'.  When we started filming for the website we wanted to capture the allure of the female leg from all aspects.  From this notion came the advent of the calf muscle manipulation ideas; ornament, massage, bat, etc. etc. 

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Then, purely by accident, the idea of a mirror came into play.  WOW!  What an incredible idea.  No matter what kind of posing we have our models do there's always that one angle that's really hard to get....the up shot. 

Now alot of people will immediately think of an up shot as an upskirt  shot.  They're missing the point.  The up shot allows us to see the subtle curves of the leg muscles from a completely different angle. 

"Nothing like a great muscular calf being flexed and viewed from below.  It's amazing!"

With each mirror scene we filmed, we began to experiment with lighting.  Different light sources highlight the sinew of each muscle in the leg differently, helping to define the cuts and groves in the skin from the muscles within.

This is a wonderful sight indeed.

Posted on November 10, 2014 .