Atheltic Legged Cutie YK

A sweet, cute, brunette, with an athletic body, with insanely tight muscular thighs and calves, wearing a black mini-dress, walks over a mirror.  What would you do?

A)  Inform her she's standing over a mirror and she might want to move because you can see up her skirt.

B)  Get your stare on, logging that visual in your brain for later, then inform her of the situation.

C)  Whip out your cell phone and start recording it?

If you chose B or C, what's wrong with you.  You should have picked A.  Then. you should have left the B and C to us.  We'd bring the camera and film that like you would want to see it. 

This mirror footage is ridiculously crazy.  YK's leg muscles are so slender, round, and so firm.  If that's not enough, haha, then watch her massage those gorgeous calves.

YK - Legaliciousness 5
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YK - Legaliciousness 6
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Posted on October 31, 2014 .