2 Beautiful Girls with Amazing Legs

Legs Goddess and Legophilia's Goddess of Flexibility round out their session together in these 4 sensational clips.

Elena & Cheerleader - Bare Legs and Fishnets 1

Duration 05:49

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Two clips of contrasting legs with the bare legs of Cheerleader against the fishnet stockings clad Shapely Legs of Elena--first posing together and then relaxing their Beautiful Gams with a massage.

Then we have them on the steps performing the splits along with a nice selection of 2 girl poses.

And the final clip, well, I'll let you see for yourself. 

Altogether--Pure Fun!! 


Elena & Cheerleader - Bare Legs and Fishnets 2

Duration 05:11

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Elena & Cheerleader - Sweet Legs Touches

Duration 03:41

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Posted on February 5, 2016 .