2nd Legs Emporium Art Contest - Nose Cone Art

Rules - Were to take any image of our models and turn them into Vintage Style Cheesecake Nose Cone Art ala the Fighters and Bomber Jets of WWII.  The only thing that had to stay the same was the models likeness and pose.  The fighters and bombers they were put on was only limited to the artist's imagination.

1st Place:

"Legs Goddess" featuring Elena by Danyboz

1st Place:

Alisa on an X-Wing Fighter by Dillian Weems

2nd Place:

"Breezy Day" featuring Elena by Danyboz

3rd Place:

Natalya "Tie Fighter" Jason Hamilton

More AWESOME Entries!

Elena "Bomber" by Tim Kelley

2 entries from Nexure - Hell Yeah and Sofia

"Hell Yeah"


Roxie "Unite" by Luis Lopez

3 Entries from SureshKhaire

"Air Lift"

Haha!!  This one has 3 of our models; Nikolett & Csilla on the wings and Cheerleader in the cockpit.

"Fly High"

"Sure Shot" by Tim Hall

Andrea Rosu "B-17 Bomber" Jason Hamilton


Process piece for "Legs Goddess" by Danyboz

Process piece for "Breezy Day" by Danyboz